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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

Forbicite: fabricated word to indicate "followers of Forbes".
- Anonymous commenter "Proponent of Civility" (*LOL*) on the Moscow-Pullman Daily News website, December 8, 2007


FROM: The Forbicites
TO: WSU College Republicans
SUBJECT: Mutual Enemies

Over the last three years, we Forbicites here at Palousitics have managed to annoy most every far-left professor and student at WSU. You guys have managed to do the same thing over the past year or so. Just as we have issues that we agree on: illegal immigration, English as the official language, Islamofascism, global warming, Wal-Mart, etc., so do our enemies (PARD, Department of Comparative Ethnic Studies, Young Democrats, Progressive Student Union).

So, for example, someone that attacks you on one issue, might attack me on another.

Some people might still carry a grudge against me because I helped provide national exposure to actions against the College Republicans they later had to publicly apologize for; persons who might santicmoniously refer to "lying" and "character assassination" and the "pigsty in which your husband resides" while forgetting they were the ones to attack me first.

That's why we love you guys so much. We have all the same friends and all the same enemies. Keep up the good work, and so will we!


Tom Forbes and the Forbicites


The Red Knight (aka, Dr. Know) said...

Dear Forbicites,

I for one, as a College Republican myself, would like to thank you all for the support you have given to us the last year. I know there are others in this group that would do the same. There are few things in this life that give me more pleasure than to irritate liberals, and doing so is always better with friends.

I do not believe we need to have mutual enemies to be friends. I prefer to thing of it as a relationship build on similar hobbies.

Mr. C. said...

Is that similar to being a member of "Dumbledore's Army"?

Sign me up!



Tom Forbes said...


We will always stand united with you, Christ Church, New Saint Andrews, and Logos School in your fight against religious bigotry. As with us, many who oppose you are also WSU faculty and staff (Huskey, Opyr, Campbell, et. al.) And let's not forget your most implacable foe, Nick Gier, and his "full fury of progressive voices" aimed at the WSU College Republicans a couple of months back