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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bottom-Dwelling Scumbags: The Sequel

I wrote earlier this week about the serial libel posted about me on the Daily News website while i was away in Mexico (e.g. "Tom Forbes has an unnatural pyschological attachment to Wally World," "Forbes needs a pyschiatrist or something to bring him back to reality," "There's a lot of anger and violence pent up in this Forbes character," etc., etc.) That's fine. Bulletin board material.

But my wife saw this posted on the Daily News website today by an anonymous PARD scumbag:
Of course Tom Forbes is responding here. You know that, too. Just follow the nasty, offensive posts and you'll find forbes! Again, it is amazing to me that this is the issue that he has decided to waste his time on! I'm sure his children will be proud one day as they look back and say, "If it wasn't for Dad I wouldn't have the opportunity to buy all this cheap crap and to work at this minimum wage job with no benefits!"
Well, you don't mess with a woman's children. My wife responded as follows (using her real name):
How dare you bring my children into this!!! For the record, my kids and I are extremely proud of my husband for taking a public stance on an issue he feels strongly about. It's one thing for Tom to be insulted by people who lack the courage to use their real name the way he does, but it is repulsive that you drag innocent children into this discussion. Have you no shame?

This will be my one and only post to this thread, so I will take the opportunity now to dispel a myth that frequently appears on the Daily News website (see above from WSU Student). My husband, Tom Forbes, is not being paid by Wal-Mart. I wish he could be compensated for the numerous hours he has volunteered to bring this very important issue to light. However, Tom says the thanks he receives from local business owners and residents is more than enough.
To which "WSU Student" answered:
At least Mrs. Forbes had the guts to use her real name which Tom Forbes never does. I won't use my name either. Do you know why that is Mrs. Forbes, so proud of your wonderful husband and the community service he provides to Pullman? Because I don't want my face pasted on your husband's disgusting website with all sorts of lies and insults. I think he said himself not long ago that he sees his community service as pulling others into the pigstye with him. Nobody knows whether your husband is paid by Walmart or not but considering the pack of lies he spews on his website I guess with your blessing there is no reason to believe you. Yes, have you no shame is a question that many have for him. Glad to hear you are proud of that and you've programmed your kids to be too.
Bringing my children into this slime and then calling my wife a liar and says she "programs" our kids is beneath contempt, even for the bottom-dwelling, lowlife PARDners. I won't stand for it.

Wondering why the Daily News is in financial trouble, Nathan Alford? Get rid of that cesspool of anonymous comments at your newspaper for a start. Someone doesn't like what I have to say here? THEN DON'T EVER VISIT AGAIN. The Daily News, however is a NEWSPAPER to which people pay money to get local NEWS, not anonymous character assassination. People that read the news have no choice but to view all this nastiness, whether they want to or not. It's just the same as walking into a newsstand and seeing porno mags laying open all around.

This "WSU Student" also claims to have gone door-to-door for Nathan Weller. I just contacted Nathan and I'm sure he will denounce these comments as he has no desire to be associated with a wife-and-child attacking dirtbag like that.

UPDATE: I have identified "WSU Student." Once I get confirmation on his identity, I will be taking the appropriate actions.


Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

I think this just about sums up all there is to say about these people. They're craven scum, plain and simple. Knowing in the back of their minds that ultimately they're going to fail must be absolute torture to them. It would certainly explain their pained, demented behavior.

April E. Coggins said...

I've got news for the Daily News, reasonable people take a dim view of such shenanigins. People may slow down to see a train wreck, but it doesn't mean that they want to BE in a train wreck. Advertisers (and a few possible readers) feel the same way. It will be interesting to see how many PARD members and their mystery supporters buy ads in the coming months and years.

Opinions are fine, as long as someone is responsible and attributable. An individual who hides behind a cloak of anonymity while attacking a fully disclosed individual or company is contemptible. The person who hides under a cloak while taking pot-shots at a political enemy's FAMILY is a slime ball of the worse sort.

Tom Forbes said...

I sent the following e-mail to Steve McClure, Managing Editor of the Daily News this afternoon:

I don't care what I am called on your website by anonymous commenters. But I will not tolerate my wife being called a liar and the accusation made that she somehow "programs" our children. That comment needs to be taken off the site immediately.

Tom Forbes

To which Steve responded:

After reviewing the comments with Nathan, we recognize the comment you reference isn't a pleasant one, but it doesn't meet the threshold for something that we would delete from what is an unmoderated exchange between participants.

That doesn't mean we endorse the comment, but spit, venom and fire are often a part of that forum. We'd be happy to talk more about how we approach online comments if you would like. Feel free to give either one of us a shout if you'd like to talk more.

Steve McClure

To which I then responded:

The problem, as I see it, is that your website is not selling "spit, venom and fire," it is supposedly selling news. You're not a blog. You're a legitimate newspaper. Our co-workers, friends, and neighbors subscribe to it. They read these comments inadvertently and then my wife and kids have to deal with it. It's beyond merely "unpleasant."

If that comment doesn't meet the legal threshold for something you should delete, it certainly meets the moral one. You may not endorse bringing innocent children into a debate, but you are allowing it, which is just as bad. And as far as the legal threshold goes, we plan to consult an attorney to see if claiming that you brainwash your children constitutes libel.

My opinion of the online comments is simple. It cheapens what is otherwise a decent, even-handed, locally owned newspaper. The comments contribute to the divisions in Pullman and Moscow. I realize "shock theater" may be your attempt to boost flagging subscriptions, but the inevitable lawsuit will wipe away any gains you may realize. The online comments serve no legitimate purpose and should immediately be discontinued.

Tom Forbes

April E. Coggins said...

The Daily News comments mirror the Vision2020 comments in ascerbic, divisive content. I subscribe to the Lewiston Morning Tribune and the comments there are not nearly as personal or destructive. I don't know why the difference, I only know there is a difference. Perhaps the Daily News has a lower threshold.

Tom Forbes said...

Or perhaps it is the lack of two large institutions of "higher learning" in the L-C Valley?

April E. Coggins said...

Yeah, maybe you are right. The Trib comments are usually down to earth, dealing with the issue. There is the occasional Kool-aid drinker, but for the most part, it's average people speaking their mind. Although, if you say GO COUGS, it will be converted to all lower case and will be quickly followed up by outraged Vandal or Gonzaga fans.

Daniel F Schanze said...

I am going to find this kid.

Daniel F Schanze said...
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Satanic Mechanic said...

That is pretty low to go after family members.

The Red Knight (aka, Dr. Know) said...

As you can guess I write here under a pen name. Believe it or not my birth certificate (proudly made in the USA) does not say "The Red Knight" on it. I have my reasons for posting this way, and don't think I need to explain why.

But I NEVER attack another's family. That is low and detestable. Freedom of speech has certain responsibilities. But, then again, since when do people like this believe in personal responsibility? I also never pretend to represent a group, like "WSU Student" who seems to believe he speaks for the students of Washington State and others. Get a grip, you putz! Stop pretending like you're so important.

Tom Forbes said...

Just a reminder about Dr. Know's comments to Chrissy and others.

The anonymous contributors at Palousitics are not anonymous TO ME. I know who they all are and they are responsible to me for what they write. All other comments are moderated by me to ensure that they do not cross the line, such as calling somone a "racist."

In a couple of cases, certain trolls were given numerous chances to follow my simple rules and then lost their ability to ever post here again. I may have to endure anonymous attacks on the Daily News website, but I sure as hell won't endure them here. If you want to bash me, go start your own blog.

The Red Knight (aka, Dr. Know) said...

I wouldn't give them any ideas, Tom. You know how creative these people can be when it comes to conservative bashing.