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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

WalMart Blamed for the Lead Paint in Toys

Christopher Lupke from PARD, and one of the newest Town Criers has made some claims based upon a newspaper article in the Chicago Tribune. I decided to look it up.

He has one quotation. It seems to have been taken slightly out of context in the article. He makes it seem like the businessmen in China are complaining about WalMart. But, that is not what was being said.

Lupke also uses this four-page article to make other claims. Claims the article itself did not make. WalMart was found only twice in the article. Once in the quotation. The other time was:
But exponential growth along the sprawling Pearl River Delta just north of Hong Kong has triggered sharply rising costs for everything from labor to plastic. And as the Wal-Marts of the world continue to press for lower prices, Chinese manufacturers are getting squeezed.

I guess that is what PARD has pretty much been doing since day one.


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