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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Price is Not Right

Former WSU Cougars football coach Mike Price is staying at UTEP.

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Michael said...

Dennis Erickson was rightly criticized for the poor academic performance of his players. What's less well known is that the average GPA of the football team declined under Price.

Further, while Mike Price was well known for his gregarious nature, that side was reserved for people who could do things for him or to him. If you were not a threat or a opportunity to him, he treated you like dirt. What surprised me most in my interactions with Price, was his indifference to former players. Maybe I was being cynical, but again is seemed to me that Price was only intrested in people who were useful to him. Once a player had graduated (or at least exhausted his eligibility), he was of no further interest to Price.

Good riddance.