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Monday, December 31, 2007

Just to clear things up!

I am reading a column written by Robert L. Jamieson Jr in the Seattle PI. He says that we should not have the death penalty. That we shouldn't be like Texas. We should be like New Jersey. I disagree!

And just so it is VERY CLEAR. I need to say this to you, because after I am dead I cannot speak for myself.

Should I ever get murdered by someone, I want him to receive the death penalty.

Never should I hear (from beyond the grave) someone speaking on my behalf saying I would want the person to have life in prison.

Heck, I will put a provision in my Will that should I be murdered, my estate shall purchase a 10 foot piece of rope which will then be donated to the prison system.

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thehim said...

Interesting. I've been saying this for a while. The death penalty should be taken off the table completely (because it's not doled out equitably) except for cases where the victim has specified in a will that they would support it. That way, you take away the inequities that come from the system while still being supportive of those who expect a certain type of justice.