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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Let Her Pack

A school teacher wants to carry the gun for her own protection, but I think her pupils will be safer if she's allowed to carry heat into the classroom.

An Oregon teacher suing to assert a right to carry a gun at school has made her name public.

She is Shirley Katz, 43, a teacher for 21 years, the last seven in Medford. She teaches English at South Medford High School.

She went public in interviews beginning Tuesday with Lars Larson on his talk radio show.

Katz says she fears her former husband. They were divorced last year, and she has had two restraining orders against him, the last of which expired in September. She said she missed a deadline to renew it.

Gerry Katz, 54, a photographer, told the Medford Mail Tribune that he's no threat and said his former wife has made unfounded accusations as part of her effort to limit his visitation with their 5-year-old daughter.

Shirley Katz has custody, and Gerry Katz has weekly visitation rights under the divorce decree, which required him to complete an anger management class, the Mail Tribune reported.

On Sept. 26, a judge denied her bid to limit visitation rights and his request for full custody, the paper said.

Gerry Katz also has a concealed weapon permit, but his gun was seized after he waved the weapon at another driver and was charged with disorderly conduct, the paper said.

Shirley Katz filed her suit under the pseudonym Jane Doe. She said she went public after the school district filed a motion to dismiss the case based in part on her anonymity.

"I am definitely under the microscope," she said. "I had sought to avoid that (by remaining anonymous). My son goes to school here. My daughter is in the school system."

Katz filed the lawsuit Sept. 18. Oral arguments are scheduled for Oct. 11.

The Oregon Firearms Foundation is financing her lawsuit.

Oregonians who have concealed weapon permits may carry a gun onto most public properties, including schools, without violating state law.

School districts, however, commonly bar teachers from carrying guns to classrooms.

Quite a few school shootings would have ended quite a bit sooner if somebody at the affected school had been armed.

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Mattwi said...

Oregon State law allows concealed carriers to carry concealed firearms in schools. It is the School's policies that deny teachers from doing so.

IIRC there are a few of these cases going on in OR at the moment.

Utah is another State that allows concealed carry in Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

The guys that own this place http://www.fbmginc.com/ offer FREE CCW classes for college students, faculty, staff of any Utah school, and anyone with a valid military ID.

WA State law creates a "Criminal Empowerment" zone by not allowing CPL carries to carry concealed in schools, though you are allowed to pick up and drop off your children while you carry concealed, as long as you don't get out of your vehicle.

Of course criminals don't give a Fiddlers-F about laws like that...