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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Islamo-Fascist Awareness Week

On Tuesday, a Lewiston Tribune editorial questioned the need for "Islamo-fascist Awareness Week." Well, here's my answer.

If the liberal elites among our political and chattering class grasp the gravity of Islamo-fascism’s threat to western civilization, that understanding is insulated beneath deep layers of nuance. You’d think that Rush Limbaugh was the greater peril. These elites similarly subordinate defending the US from terror to their War on President Bush. I’ve not heard Bin Laden denounced so forcefully.

If the elites knew as much about Islamo-fascism as they should, then there would be no need for the WSU College Republicans’ Islamo-fascism Awareness Week.

Now one might mistake a US senator for an informed person. But Washington’s senior US senator opined that we could smooth everything over with the Islamo-fascists if we simply built daycare centers for them. I would love to hear Ms. Murray reconcile this with the Taliban’s program of executing schoolteachers who instruct their pupils in subjects other than the Koran. But she is almost certainly ignorant of that bit of news.

The reason that people like Senator Patty Murray can maintain their milieu of willful ignorance is the echo chamber they hermetically seal themselves into. Just this last week US Senator Carl Levin, D-Michigan, signed his name to a letter condemning Rush Limbaugh for allegedly besmirching soldiers who oppose the war. Afterward he admitted that his sole source of information on the issue was Media Matters. Media Matters is a leftwing, Hillary Clinton-created organization. An avalanche of proof that Media Matters lied had been available for days before he signed the letter, but he knew nothing of it.

It is precisely people such as Patty Murray and Carl Levin who need to have their awareness of Islamo-fascism raised. Unfortunately, they are also the sort of people who will cover their ears and loudly chant, “la la la la la...” when their ideology is imperiled by truths that they would rather not hear. Just recall how many Democrats called General David Petraeus a liar before hearing a word he had to say. As Representative James Clyburn, D-South Carolina, said before the Petraeus testimony, positive news from the war front is a “big problem” for Democrats.

The same could be said about truthful information about Islamo-fascism. The mainstream media has largely declined to give an accurate picture of the bestial nature of those who seek to exterminate infidels.

When ABC’s Diane Sawyer interviewed Bashar Assad, Syria’s Islamo-fascist dictator, between giggles she asked what music he had on his I-Pod (he wouldn’t say). She asked if he liked American movies (he does) or if he played video games (he doesn’t).

After a softball interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, CBS’s Mike Wallace praised Iran’s genocidal president: He’s, “an impressive fellow, this guy. He really is. He's obviously smart as hell.”

Just before the 2003 Iraq War, Dan Rather conducted a nauseatingly obsequious interview of Saddam Hussein: “Mr. President, you're being very patient with your time.” “I understand. Mr. President, if it's necessary for you to forgive me, I hope that you'll forgive me.” “Mr. President, I hope you will take this question in the spirit in which it's asked.”

And every time that I hear a spokesman from the Council on American Islamic Relations, I wonder if the networks or newspapers seeking CAIR’s input are even aware that CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator by federal prosecutors in a criminal enterprise that funneled money to the Palestinian terrorist organization, Hamas? Do they know that much of CAIR’s budget comes from Saudi Arabian Wahabis?

The New York Times has created its own form of Orwellian newspeak to avoid admitting an essential truth about the enemy. Only in the Times will one read that we are battling “Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia.” It’s the Times way of distancing the terrorists in Iraq from Osama bin Laden’s network, regardless of a blizzard of documents establishing the link.

There exists a significant deficiency of awareness and it’s this vacuum that Islamo-fascism Awareness Week is meant to fill. It’s unlikely that WSU’s College Republicans will penetrate the coterie of yes men and yes women who surround Senators with a wall of predudice as impenetrable as Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. And the New York Times will update its Newspeak as needed to keep its readers ignorant.

But, there are those whose minds are not yet closed and have been denied information by the mainstream media. Dispelling this fog is literally Churchillian.

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