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Thursday, October 04, 2007

And The Winner Is Not Hillary Clinton

It's not even Paris Hilton, or Nancy Pelosi.

The Most Spoiled Bitch In The World.

Before you click on the link, guess who it is.

THE world’s most pampered pooch shows off her racing car-style bed — as she relaxes in the yap of luxury.

Tiny chihuahua Conchita has her own bathroom and TV and an army of flunkies to tend to her every need, including a nanny, a manicurist and even a publicist.

Owner Gail Posner, daughter of a US billionaire, spends £7,000 a month on the year-old pet, saying: “She is the love of my life.”

Conchita dines only on gourmet food, sitting on her own chair at the table in Gail’s Miami mansion.

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