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Monday, October 23, 2006


As I mentioned yesterday, the Spokesman Review accused Peter Goldmark of running a campaign that just bashes McMorris, especially on veteran's issues, rather than offering an alternative. Godlmark's shills in Pullman (Bryan Burke, Don Orlich, have played along at this game).

Now, Spokesman political blogger Frank Sennett reports receiving this robo-call from the Goldmark campaign:
"I'm Ian Anderson, Corporal, United States Marine Corps, medically retired. Peter Goldmark is strong on national security. I've served our nation in Iraq, so I've seen scum and I've seen toughness. Cathy McMorris' new ad is lying about Peter Goldmark. It's very disrespectful and unethical. Peter Goldmark is strong on national defense. He's got the integrity our country needs. This is Cpl. Ian Anderson asking you to vote Peter Goldmark. This call paid for by Goldmark for Congress."
Corporal Anderson was wounded in Iraq, and has certainly earned the right to his viewpoint and be bitter if he chooses. But the Goldmark campaign is not going to win many friends in the 5th District with ads like that. Scum is a pretty strong term. Is it any wonder voters tune out? It shows the degree to which radicals like Burke, Orlich, et. al. and others have pushed the Democratic Party to the left.

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April E. Coggins said...

It's amazing how low some people will go to win power. The Dem's will lie, exagerate, distort, frighten and grossly abuse the courts to obtain their objective. We have seen it in our own small town. Like it or not, PARD and Howard Dean are the new face of the Democratic party.