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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Coker has ably filled post

I write to lend my support to the candidacy of Eunice Coker to be auditor of Whitman County. Coker enjoys a reputation of unquestioned integrity. What better qualification is there to oversee the democratic electoral process in this county? This is especially the case since we are undergoing a transition to mail balloting, a measure designed to bring savings to the taxpayers but one that is fraught with potential difficulties. Not only does Coker’s integrity suit her well as the guardian of democracy in the county, her rich experience ensures that she can continue and build upon her record of effective leadership and administration. Years of distinguished experience in the office, which she now heads, promise a future of competence and consideration in dealing with staff and, most importantly, with the clientele that the auditor’s office serves — the taxpayers and voters of Whitman County. I urge voters of all parties to re-elect this veteran of service in the U.S. Army, dedicated public servant and upright citizen to the post she has filled so ably.

Thomas L. Kennedy

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