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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Seattle Times Endorses Cathy McMorris

In what has to be bad news for local Dems, and Bryan Burke in particular, the normally left-leaning Seattle Times has endorsed Congresswoman Cathy McMorris for re-election:
Re-elect McMorris in 5th District

CONGRESSWOMAN Cathy McMorris deserves re-election in the 5th District because she is a good fit for her conservative district.

Her knowledge of federal issues has greatly increased over the past two years. Just as during her service in the state Legislature, her caucus leaders have recognized her potential. Shortly after she took office, she was named to head the Task Force on Improving and Strengthening the National Environmental Policy Act.

She also secured a seat on the Armed Services Committee.

In the state Legislature, McMorris took over leadership of the House Republican caucus, adopting a collaborative approach within her party and across the aisle.

Although she has been criticized for hewing too closely to the party line, McMorris stood up against the administration on a policy that would have boosted Northwest energy rates.

Her opponent, Democrat Peter Goldmark, is an excellent and intriguing candidate, causing McMorris to sharpen her game, which is good. But we worry about his adamant opposition to trade agreements in a state exceptionally dependent on trade.

Both candidates are for responsible withdrawal from Iraq, with benchmarks.

As McMorris gets more traction in Congress, we'd like to see her be a more autonomous Republican in the vein of Congressman Dave Reichert, R-Auburn.

She has the skills to be an effective lawmaker and leader.

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Paul E. Zimmerman said...

Hah! I wonder how many cancelled subscriptions this will result in. :)