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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Judge David Frazier today denied the Pullman Alliance for Responsible Development's appeals of Hearing Examiner John Montgomery's approval of the Pullman Wal-Mart Supercenter project.

Frazier delivered an hour-long ruling in which he commended Montgomery for doing a thorough job. The attorneys for CLC Associates, the Wal-Mart developer, believe the judge's decision is iron-clad, defensible, and they are confident it will withstand any appeal.

This is not total victory yet, but we can sure see it from here! PARD can still appeal to the appellate court in Spokane, but it is very unlikely that the appeal would be heard at this point, and even less likely that any injunction would be issued to prevent construction from starting.

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Scotty said...

Tom scooped the Dnews website by 3 minutes!!!! Way to go Tom!!!

When you want to be the first to know, surf to Palousitics(.com)!

Scotty said...

Now that we can start to see some light are we going to go from black to dark grey?

Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

Fabulous! Are they breaking ground tonight?

Tom Forbes said...

I expect the city to issue a building permit within the next two weeks. The actual ground breaking probably will depend on the weather.

PARD would have to run to court in Spokane to get an injunction, should they want to stop it. Seems futile at this point.

April E. Coggins said...

Wal-Mart has had every right to break ground since February 27th. They have bent over backward to allow our local "civic group" to make their case. Hopefully, Wal-Mart will not allow a handful of malcontents to deny Pullman the benefits of having a Wal-Mart. My shovel is ready!

Ray Lindquist said...

We should make up a LARGE Banner and post it in the very corner of the New SuperCenter site that says

"WELCOME Wal-Mart Thanks for investing in Pullmans growth"

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

Ray -

I'd love to put that on the corner of my shop's roof!

Sorry I couldn't say hello the other day when you dropped by. Our shop has been getting more and more busy as we get our name out, drive our volume up, and lower our prices...

...wait, didn't some other company already think of that one? :)