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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tortured Logic

David Gibney, State Committeeman for the Whitman County Democrats, was quoted as saying in today's Daily Evergreen: “We over here on this side of the state are being represented by the minority party in the Legislature.” This is the same argument that every local Democratic candidate has made from Auditor to State Representative.

Using that same logic, why then aren't local Dems getting behind Mike McGavick and Cathy McMorris? The Republican Party controls Congress. Washington's delegation ranks a pathetic 16.99 in power, according to Congress.org, compared with Idaho's 28.63 and Montana's 32.85. Heck, Maria Cantwell is ranked next to last in the Senate. McGavick would certainly be ranked higher than that just by virtue of being a Republican. If McMorris remains in Congress, her influence for Eastern Washington will only grow. She already serves on the powerful House Armed Services Committee.

Oh no, local Democrats tell us. It's time for a change! The GOP is corrupt and out of touch with voters. Nearly 2 out of 3 Washingtonians disapprove of President Bush's performance and are against the Iraq War.

That's interesting, because the latest Strategic Vision poll of Washington residents reports that:
47% disapprove of Governor Gregoire's job performance, while only 44% approve
50% disapprove of the the Legislature's job performance, while only 41% approve
58% think Washington is headed in the wrong direction
Democrats have been in charge in Olympia for decades. Based on these numbers, voters think it's time for change there too.

So which is it, Rats? Go with the status quo majority or time for a change? How about you spare us all the nitwittery and let's have the best candidate win?

As I told Scotty and Peter once on The PES, I could never be a Democrat (again). I can't put my brain in suspended animation.

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April E. Coggins said...

We don't have to look any further than candidate Caitlin Ross to witness the twisted logic. Her latest radio ad is basically saying, "Vote for me because I am different from you, but I promise to be more of the same in Olympia!" Yay!

Off topic but her other comments that we have it too good and Olympia should punish us more, is going over well. /sarcasm According to Caitlin, we need MORE taxes, MORE regulation, MORE unfunded social programs. And if you don't like it, move to Idaho. Nothing would make her prouder to be a Washingtonian. Caitlin thanks you for your vote.