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Thursday, October 05, 2006

People That Live In Glass Houses...

...shouldn't have written this letter to the Daily Evergreen:
A change needs to be made come election day in the Auditor’s office


The incompetence in the Whitman County Auditor’s office is reaching the ridiculous. Besides all the misinformation on the primary ballots, the staff is informing callers that registration is closed. Registration does not close until Oct. 7. This is not only incompetence, it’s devastating to people who are concerned about the local, state and national issues.

In all fairness, perhaps the people called before the primary election but after registration closed for the primary, but if that was the case, a competent employee would tell the caller that though the registration was closed for the primary they could register for the general election.

Anyone who wishes to register may go to the Pullman City Hall, the Whitman County Courthouse or call for a registration form from either the Democratic or Republican Headquarters before Oct. 7.

The citizens of Whitman County deserve better service than they have been getting. Vote for Nathan Horter in November – he will bring competence, efficiency and the intellectual capacity to keep up with the many changes that are part of government today.

Jane Guido

This letter also appeared today in the Lewiston Tribune and Whitman County Gazette. Ms. Guido modestly neglected to mention that she was the Whitman County Democrats State Committewoman and an outpspoken liberal activist. That would have put her vicious comments in better perspective. As usual for the Rats, there is no empirical evidence offered. Just hearsay from some undisclosed "callers." If Eunice Coker were not a politician, this letter would be libelous.

However, since Ms. Guido is so interested in election irregularities, perhaps the Whitman County Auditor and the State Elections Board will look into the case of a certain Democratic legislative candidate registering to vote at Ms. Guido's address, then a week later, registering to vote in Valleyford. I'll be sure to let Eunice know. I'm sure that will appeal to Ms. Guido's law-abiding nature.


Satanic Mechanic said...

At least Whitman County does not have the voting irregularities that King County has. Last Governor election, dead people were rising from their King COunty graves and voting for Commisar Gregoire.
Ms.Guido might want to watch the graves here in Whitman County for the same irregularities. Of course she would not allow the dead here to vote because she knows that they would in favor of I-920.

April E. Coggins said...

Either through ignorance or design, Ms. Guido is blurring the jobs of Elections Supervisor (unelected) and Auditor (elected). I know how shocked you all will be, but because of Ms. Guido's position in the Democratic Party, I tend to believe that she is misleading the public on purpose.