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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Kitchen Sink has been Thrown

I have long argued that there was something shady about Wal-Mart, and now we know what it is. The headline in the Spokesman-Review (Aug. 25) says it all: 'Wal-Mart opens Communist branch.' While Wal-Mart has long pretended to be a reactionary, anti-worker corporation that does everything within and beyond the law to stop unions from forming among its 'associates,' the opening of a communist party office in one of its stores in China reveals the company’s true colors — red all over (and I don’t mean Republican red).

Wal-Mart is clearly a communist front organization that pays its workers so poorly, gives them such lousy benefits, and tries hard to make sure they quit before they get much advancement, in a transparent attempt to stir up class agitation in America. Pullman must fight to keep this creeping communism out of our town. The true Wal-Mart is the Chinese Wal-Mart with unions and communist party offices. We need to support living-wage laws, moderate unions and other reforms to keep these Wal-Mart communists from succeeding with their dastardly plan to impoverish U.S. workers into revolution!

T.V. Reed
I have said, more than once, while on The PES that PARD is using the kitchen-sink argument style. They are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at this issue hoping that some of the arguments will stick.

But now we have gotten the kitchen sink. Reed argues that WalMart is Communist?!? I guess that is supposed to make us real Red-Blooded Americans become anti-WalMart.

I feel bad that I even tried to reason with this group. The above letter to the editor is proof that there is no way anyone who is a rational, logical, and thinking person can comprehend what PARD is trying to support.


Dale Courtney said...


I posted that letter on my blog (http://right-mind.us/blogs/blog_0/archive/2006/10/18/47271.aspx), and one of my readers thought that T.V. was trying to be humorous.

I don't think he was at all trying for humor.

And I thought we in Moscow had our kooks.


Uncle Bubba said...

Reed's letter leads me to question WSU's policies.
The same man who posted this bizarre train of thought is a teaching professor and was recently promoted to Associate Dean.
Is this the best and the brightest our university has put forth ?
This indeed may add new meaning to " WSU World Class and Face to Face "