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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

PARD's Epitaph?

The letter to the editor from TV Reed that Scotty references is an embarassing, frankly pathetic, attempt at sarcasm. Reed is obviously attempting to mock, in a very heavyhanded way, those that have felt PARD was a "communist organization," just as an earlier letter from Reed called the Sunnyside Neighbors Association "elitist" for opposing an assisted care facility.

Fittingly, with today's ruling by Judge Frazier, Reed's bizarre, desperate ramblings may serve as the epitaph for PARD. The members of PARD, some of whom are very well-intentioned, have been ill-served by the public face of the organization. Reed, Chris Lupke, Cynthia Hosick, Deirdre Rogers, Greg Hooks, Janet Damm, Don Orlich, et. al. have consistently come across as shrill, snobby, academic ideologues totally out-of-touch with the mainstream of Pullman residents.

The sooner this ugly chapter of Pullman's history is closed, the better.

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