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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Business Has It Good In Washington

At least according to a little rich girl from Mercer Island who has never owned or run a business in her life.

In today's Lewiston Tribune, Democratic 9th District State Representative candidate Caitlin "Carpetbagger" Ross states:
"My opponent says there's an unfair business climate in the state, and I don't think that's true," Ross said.

Washington is ahead of both Idaho and Oregon in its business climate, she said, and adds that businesses will stay around if they respect their employees, and if the business itself is respected.

"I think small businesses can open just fine here."
Ross obviously wasn't required to take any economics courses while majoring in French at Gonzaga.

Let me give an example for Ms. Ross. The Center for Enterprise Development issues a business report card every year for each state:

For 2006, Washington gets a "D" in Economic Vitality. Why? Because Washington is ranked #47 for Change in Venture Capital Investments, #48 in Manufacturing Investment, #48 in Change in New Companies, #48 in Job Creation by Start-Up Businesses. Entrepreneurs are obviously so impressed with Washington's business climate, they are staying away in droves. Worst of all, Washington is #50 in Business Closings. That's right. More businesses fail in Washington than any other state in the union. This is Caitlin Ross' Nirvana.

Meanwhile, Idaho gets a "C" in Economic Vitality. Any wonder why the border communities lose out?

The Pacific Research Institute gave Washington an economic freedom (how friendly or unfriendly state governments are toward free enterprise) a ranking of #31 in 2004. Idaho was ranked #4.

Meanhwile, the GOP candidate:
Hailey disagrees, and says cities in the district such as Pullman and Clarkston that border Idaho are especially hard hit.

Idaho doesn't have the business and occupation tax that Washington does, he said, and calls this a regressive tax.

"I don't think there's political clout to get rid of it, but the tax should be on net instead of gross amount," he said.

"Right now, businesses are taxed even if they don't make a profit. We can do a better job of helping businesses prosper."
Hailey, of course, has 30 years experince as rancher and farmer and so understands a thing or two about business.

But heck, Ross is interested in education because she graduated from high school a few years ago.

Then there's this.
When asked why she's running for district representative, she said it's because she's something new and different.

"For the last 70 years they've been sending the same sort of businessmen and farmers to Olympia," she said.

"We need something brand new and fresh, someone who's listening instead of pushing a certain issue or agenda. I don't have a bone to pick with the government, I just discovered how much a difference needs to be made."
That has to be the most ridiculous argument to vote for someone I've ever heard. "I'm not from here, I have absolutely no experience, I don't anything about business or farming, but vote for me because it's something new and different."

And yet the Tribune claims the two candidates are on an "even playing field?"

Thank goodness, 9th District voters on November 7th will send Dave Ross' little girl back to Seattle where she belongs.


Nomenclator said...

What business do you own? You are just a flunky employee.
Where is your photo? Or are you embarrased by your appearance?
So now you don't like rich people? What's wrong with making money? Or are you just jealous that Ms. Ross has more money than you do? Get a better job or start your own business if you want to make more money.
Sure seems like your mudslinging and hypocrisy know no bounds.

Uncle Bubba said...

To nomenclator-
A lot if not most of us who regularly post here know Tom Forbes.We know what he looks like, his contrabutions to the community and through this blog his views.
If you don't agree, give us your counterpoints in some sort of reasonable and lucid form. You might add weight and credibility by sharing a little about yourself.Are you a long term resident? Do you yourself own a business? etc.
But if you just want to waste our time with a wild rant BUZZ OFF.

Pullman Chamber Guy said...

In what way does attacking Mr. Forbes qualify Ms. Ross? He is not the one seeking to run for office.