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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Children's Crusade

This is posted on Caitlin "Carpetbagger" Ross' website:
Hailey states that we have a poor business climate without providing proof. Hailey says Idaho is better but Idaho is ranked 24th by the Tax Foundation. If Idaho is better, why does Wal-Mart want to build in Pullman rather than Moscow? If Idaho is better, Steve, why not move there?
Excuse me, Caitlin? I know you were 8 years old at the time and living on the other side of the state, BUT WAL-MART OPENED A STORE IN MOSCOW ON DECEMBER 31, 1992!!!!!!!!! THEY DID CHOOSE IDAHO FIRST!!!!!!

And Caitlin, Wal-Mart DID want to build a Supercenter in Moscow. It was in all the papers. I guess you must have been in China or Africa at the time. And they would have, if it wasn't for those of your ilk on the Moscow City Council. It has nothing to do with Idaho's business climate.

You think there's no proof about Washington's poor business climate? Shall we talk about the Palouse Mall? Oh, I'm sorry, that was 10 years before you were even born.

How embarassing for the Dems. This is the candidate that "brings to the office the skills it will take to make this a region of opportunity where the entrepreneurs with new ideas and farmers using best practices will find a place to thrive" and "a person open to new possibilities for growth and prosperity in the district." Can she even find Pullman on a map?

Steve Hailey actually understands the difficulties involved with doing business in a border town. The differences are clear alright. If Ross actually lived in this district, she might understand them.


April E. Coggins said...

Oh, that's rich. Ms. Caitlin the Carpetbagger, who has been registered to vote in District 9 for just four short months, is arguably still residing on Mercer Island, is now inviting a life-long resident to leave.

Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

She really should do more homework on the area. It isn't like she is that far removed from doing homework.

Uncle Bubba said...

OH MY! Ms. Ross has just shown her lack of understanding of the district she wants to represent.

More void is grasp of local values.To ask a resident to move to Idaho, as a solution to problems in the area, is the ultimate insult.Even if that resident is your opponent.

I suggest Ms. Ross spend more time [ years not months ] in becoming a real resident of Dist. 9 .