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Monday, October 09, 2006

Cathy McMorris 2-Fer

First, a op-ed in today's Daily Evergreen:
McMorris will better represent voters

Debate showed how the Republican is more qualified than Goldmark

A recent debate between Rep. Cathy McMorris and her opponent, Peter Goldmark, has made one thing clear: McMorris has more to offer the citizens of Eastern Washington than Goldmark.

The debate, sponsored and moderated by the local Rotary Club 21 in Spokane, was the first opportunity for the two to meet head-to-head and discuss the key issues important to our 5th district. From the beginning, McMorris emphasized her main goals in Congress: creating economic growth, jobs, access to quality and affordable health care, and keeping our nation and community safe. Goldmark craftily danced around the issues, providing no real answers or solutions, just more criticism.

When asked about the Military Commission Act, Goldmark’s response was: "I must confess, I don’t know the details of the bill that was recently passed. But I do know that many are very concerned.” The citizens of Eastern Washington need and deserve someone who can talk about the issues with knowledge, deliver effective solutions and not just give criticism.

Goldmark highlighted his “anti-lobbying” crusade through out the debate, again, claiming that if elected, he would not accept any gifts, meals or travel from groups. How does Goldmark expect to get support from Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.; Sen. Hilary Clinton, D-N.Y.; Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass.; or Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.? They are just as “guilty” of taking donations from lobbyists as everyone else on Capitol Hill.

Goldmark has an immature and distorted view of Washington, D.C., politics, probably thinking all politicians are just like those from the old “Schoolhouse Rock” videos. Someone has convinced him he has the power to unite all politicians as children of the universe, or some B.S. like that. Well Goldmark, if you are elected, you are in for a very rude awakening.
And the Seattle P-I today reports that Goldmark is riding a dead horse:
Despite Goldmark's pedigree, beating McMorris remains a long shot in a district that trends Republican. McMorris also has more money. She's raised $1.1 million so far, nearly double the amount Goldmark has collected. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has highlighted the 5th District as an "emerging race," a description given to contests in which Democrats are running better than expected in traditionally non-competitive districts.

Yet even that was less than it appears. While being labeled an "emerging race" might provide a psychic benefit, it's the consolation prize among the committee's designations.

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