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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Endorsements prove McMorris’ ability in Congress"

Congrats to WSU College Republican Grant Eickstadt for a great column in today's Daily Evergreen!
On Oct. 22, The (Spokane) Spokesman-Review – the largest newspaper in the Inland Northwest – endorsed Rep. Cathy McMorris. In its endorsement – available on its Web site – the newspaper stated: “In her first term, McMorris has shown impressive growth. We’re eager to see what she can accomplish with a second.” Finally, this largely liberal newspaper in Spokane is realizing how valuable McMorris is to the citizens of Washington’s 5th district and urging their readers to send her back for another two years.

It is no secret to anyone that democratic opponent Peter Goldmark’s inability to provide solutions to our nation’s problems, and his lack of knowledge on key issues, is evident. If he were elected, he would not only frustrate himself and his staff, but also enrage the citizens of Eastern Washington because he would not be able to get anything done, due to his extreme lack of knowledge. In the most recent debate between the two candidates, Goldmark said that since being elected to office, McMorris “hasn’t really accomplished anything,” and provided “proof” of that by further stating she has passed just two bills in the House.

Obviously, Goldmark is still unfamiliar with the duties of a representative, and if he did understand, he would know that passing legislation is one of many duties required of a representative. Committee work, participating in congressional task forces, federal casework for individuals, helping local businesses navigate through the federal government, securing funding for local projects, and identifying solutions to local and regional issues are all part of the job. It looks like someone left Goldmark in the dark about these other responsibilities, which are equally as important as passing legislation.

Voters should focus on what McMorris has done since she was elected in 2004. She has been a champion for rural heath care – something so many of her constituents depend on. She teamed up with Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., to push for the use of health information technology to facilitate the speedy and reliable transfer of health-care information.

The Spokesman-Review went on to comment on McMorris’s work with saving Fairchild Air Force Base: “It’s evident – despite Goldmark’s unsubstantiated insistence to the contrary – that she added a strong and helpful voice in protecting Fairchild through the last round of base closures.” McMorris is the best choice for Eastern Washington. She understands the realities of lawmaking and is a skilled politician who knows how to get things done and how to work across the aisle. Yes, McMorris is a career politician, but in her case, I believe career politicians are the best kind. McMorris knows what is important for Eastern Washington and knows what to do to get the best results.

In addition to The Spokesman-Review; the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, the Tri-City Herald and The Seattle Times have also endorsed the congresswoman.
Grant's column was also linked on the popular Spokesman-Review blog Huckleberries Online.

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Satanic Mechanic said...

Has Hell froze over? Am I in a parallel universe? The Socialist Review in Spokane and Seattle Times have endorsed McMorris? I am surprised.