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Thursday, October 19, 2006

But it *DID* count!

Who votes? Who counts? Who cares? Who's accountable?

I, as a resident of Pullman will vote in the general election, but I have no idea if my vote will count. Do I care? Yes. Am I able to do anything about officials counting my vote, or taking away my right to vote? I honestly don't know. Given the present government, and the "head in the sand" residents, I am unsure, and it makes me wonder if I'm living in the same country in which I was born.

If my vote counts, I will be voting for individuals in several positions. One in particular, I will tell you about: county auditor. I will try to vote for Nathan Horter. The present auditor, Eunice Coker, sent me a letter telling me my vote might not count in the primary because my signature had changed and I had to sign a form and have it reviewed by a board to validate my signature? I sent in the form. I've been voting at the same address since 1977 and my signature hasn't been questioned until now? Why now? I know it has not changed for at least 10 years? I want to know the laws regarding this and what gives her the right and how many people she has sent this letter to and how many people's vote in Whitman County might not count.

She just informed me that she has the ability to cancel my vote. My vote better count and she shouldn't have the right to cancel it.

If you received this letter and are concerned about your vote, please do something. Question Eunice's ability to take away your right. Please vote if you are registered and a resident. Our votes better count and Eunice should be accountable for the many things she does!

Gail L. Rowland, Pullman

Another letter about why *not* to vote for Eunice, and therefore by defualt you should vote for her opponent. Ms. Rowland's vote is eligible to be counted as long as she updates her signature. It seems that she is making a case that all her votes will forever be denied due to non-matching signatures.

She asks to know the laws regarding this, but rather than look them up she is trying to make a point that Eunice is out to get people.

I had both Eunice and her opponent on The PES. I spoke with Eunice about the process of signature verification. It is not Eunice herself checking each and every vote to start with. It is someone who works for the elections department. Should that person believe that they are not a match, the signature goes to a board of three people, Eunice, the prosecutor, and the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners. If two of the three still believesignaturesaturs don't match, then they reject the ballot.

The elections department will send letters and make phone calls to people where signatures don't match in order to get the problem cleared up.

Many democrats seem to try to make an issue out of this. It is like Eunice herself is out to get the democrats and make it so their votes don't count. There have been many stories about "a guy I know..." etc.

Let me tell you a story that I had first hand with the auditors office. I voted by absentee ballot three years ago. At the time I was an employee of the county. I worked closely with each and every person in the auditors office. They all knew me personally and had no question about who I was. But that election my ballot was rejected due to my signature not matching. I was sent a letter and informed of the problem. I went to the auditors office and took a look at the signature card. Sure enough I agreed that my signature was different, then I took care of the problem by filling out a new signature card.


April E. Coggins said...

How do we know Gail Rowland didn't purposely change her signature just so she could write this letter? She is well known as an active Democrat, **sometimes** PARD member and former political candidate. She certainly has the motivation. And what would Ms. Rowland suggest as an alternative? If the sigatures DON'T match, count 'em anyway? Would that be the new and improved system under Nathan Horter?

Ray Lindquist said...

It is nice to see that Eunice has some checking going on. She sure has my vote, THANKS Eunice for doing a GREAT Job.