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Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Vote no on Pullman’s Prop. 1"

This letter appeared in today's Moscow-Pullman Daily News:
I am encouraging all Pullman voters to vote No on Proposition 1.

The city leaders say it is not a tax increase, but they are just playing word games. It is replacing an expiring bond which was a tax increase. So, if you vote to continue it, you are voting for a tax increase.

If the bond was to take care of city necessities I might not be so against it. But it is for feel-good projects. As I like to say, want to haves, not got to haves.

Let’s look at what we have to look forward to.

When the City Council decided not to fund any street paving projects with this bond, they publicly stated they would have to come to the voters and ask for another tax increase for street repairs.

In the recent past, the need for utility service at the airport has been discussed.

When this becomes a reality, (Pullman Public Works Director) Mark Workman has stated it would result in a 20-25 percent increase in our utility tax.

In the past month, this paper had an article on the upcoming new tough stormwater regulations and all the necessary updates and costs associated with their implementation. Mark Workman said there would have to be an increase in our utility costs to pay for them.

We are virtually guaranteed at least three tax increases in our near future. Let’s not add to our financial burden.

If these bond projects are so important to the community, why don’t our local civic clubs and businesses get busy raising private funding. Let’s make it a true community project. I am willing to donate time and money to help make it a reality.

Stay tuned for more reasons to vote No on Prop. 1.

Gary Labusohr
Gary, my friend, I agree with you 100%. I said the same thing two months ago and my opposition was featured in an Evergreen article.

The signs for Proposition 1 popping up around town that read "Parks - Paths - Pavilion" are somewhat disingenuous. If this bond passes, we won't be much closer to an arts pavilion than we are today. Only $125,000 is being spent on PRE-design work. Nothing will actually be built. That will cost much, much more. As far as parks go, we won't be getting any new ones or cool playground equipment, just fixing up bathrooms in existing parks and improving lighting at the City Playfields. I feel voters may be in for some sticker shock when they see what their money has really bought. A more accurate slogan would be "Bathrooms - Bikes - Blueprints".

I plan to vote against Prop 1 and urge others to do the same, but I have not been actively campaigning against it. Michelle Dupler contacted me about her piece concerning Prop 1 that ran last Saturday, but we both agreed that I had been quoted in the paper enough lately. I could have volunteered to argue against it at the recent LWV/Pullman Chamber initatives forum but didn't. My focus has been on Wal-Mart, I-933, and supporting Republican candidates. I will be interested to see if any formal opposition emerges to Proposition 1.


Paul E. Zimmerman said...

I voted against it. That's at least two!

Satanic Mechanic said...

Ah! Pullman's golden toilet seat projects. One of the reasons why I moved out of Pullman, high property taxes.
The Pullman School district is just as bad as the city is. Seems like they have to have a new school building every five years. What ever happened to maintanence of existing buildings and not using California architects who never heard of the season called winter.