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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm Sure Glad Nathan Horter Will Do No Mudslinging

From today's Evergreen:
Right information is essential for democracy


I have noticed several copy errors in recent articles regarding the election. The most recent came in the Oct. 3 front page article ‘Engaging young voters a top priority’. In it Whitman County Auditor Eunice Coker is attributed as saying: “People have to register [to vote] at least 15 days before Election Day to vote in person.” The 15-day deadline applies only for people who have never registered in Washington, and who go to the Whitman County Auditor’s Office to register in person.

The registration deadline for everyone else was Saturday Oct. 7. All ballots in Whitman County will be mailed and must be returned either by mail or at a manned drop off location by Nov. 7. Getting the right information out to citizens is vital if they are to participate in our democracy.

My name is Nathan Horter and I am a Democrat running for Whitman County Auditor. I am 24 years old and believe we need find innovative ways to encourage people to participate. Your vote is one opportunity to voice your concerns about: affordable education, lack of health care, creating good paying jobs, and cuts to financial aid to name a few issues. Even if you don’t like or don’t know anything about any of the candidates it’s important to cast a ballot. A blank ballot is still a vote for our democracy. And if there are several thousand blank ballots out there, you can bet that politicians will start paying attention.

Nathan Horter

Democratic candidate for Whitman County Auditor
Hmmmm, so what's the implication here? Eunice is a liar, incompotent, or both?

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