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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Initiative 933 Rolls On

A convoy of tractors rolled through downtown Seattle today as farmers showed their support for Initiative 933. I'm pretty sure Aaron Flansburg wasn't driving his combine there.

It's good for the folks over in La-La-Latte Land to see where the milk in their mocha comes from.

There is a new website promoting I-933 called Yes on 933 Some good info there, including a flyer to print and pass out.

I had the privilege to speak to the members of the WSU Collegiate Farm Bureau tonight about I-933 from a non-farmers perspective. I encouraged them to attend the League of Women Voters/Pullman Chamber of Commerce Initiatives Forum next Thursday at 7 PM in the City Council chambers to show their support. I will be speaking in favor of Initative 933 at that forum.


A. Skorski said...

Great site, excellent animation...Im still laughing!

Brian said...

A. Skorski....

Glad you enjoyed the animation.

Please feel free to share it with your friends.


Don't forget to vote YES on I-933