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Monday, October 02, 2006

Consider McMorris' record before voting

Consider McMorris' record before voting

Before deciding who to elect to Congress on Nov. 7, voters should consider Cathy McMorris' record on support for working families. A browse of the Internet reveals several interesting facts. In 2005, our Republican congresswoman voted:

* To reduce benefits that small business owners can provide to their employees through trade association health plans (HR525).

* To stifle enforcement of workplace safety laws (HR742).

* To protect Wal-Mart after its documented violations of child labor law, by granting an unprecedented 15-days notice prior to inspection for future violations (HR3010).

* To extend CAFTA (HR3045), the Central American (so-called) Free Trade Act, which lacks enforceable protections for worker safety, environmental quality, and local sovereignty. Scholars have found that, besides exporting American jobs, this act worsens poverty in Central America, which tends to increase illegal immigration. It also gives multinational corporations opportunities to undermine democratically elected governments.

* To pay for extra tax cuts by reducing funds for Medicare, Medicaid, student aid, child support enforcement, and other family-friendly programs (HR4297). The Republican budget will mean an additional tax cut of $51,000 annually for households with incomes of $1 million or more, while middle-income households save an average of $7.

* To further cut funding for job training and services to displaced workers, elementary and secondary education, rural health services, and the National Institutes of Health (HR3010).

Cathy McMorris clearly favors the interests of an elite, rather than the average residents of WashingtonÂ’s 5th District. Please consider whether it might be time for a change.

Anesa Miller, Pullman
Interesting that there is more distortions and lies in this letter to the editor. My letter to the editor was published today about Orlichs' lies last week.

People can research the bills that he is using as a source. For instance:
HR742 that will "stifle enforcement of workplace safety laws". Look it up, read the text yourself. The bill is "To amend the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 to provide for the award of attorneys' fees and costs to small employers when such employers prevail in litigation prompted by the issuance of a citation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration."

So when an employer is wrongfully accused of a crime, he can recoup the costs of defending himself. If this is what McMorris believe, you know I am voting for her!

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Paul E. Zimmerman said...

I always have to laugh (and almost want to cry) every time I hear some collectivist droning on about "paying" for tax cuts.

Last time I checked, taxes are the forced removal of my money from my hands into government coffers. A tax cut is therefore actually a policy move in favor of reducing theft, which is as far from buying a service as one can get. The government isn't "paying" me anything, they're just becoming a bit less criminal (but there's still along way to go...).

But that's the leftist/collectivist mindset: we're all owned by the state, as is the products of our various labors.

Since Cathy seems to see things to the contrary of this view, she has my vote, again and again and again.