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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You Say You Want A Revolution

You have to hand it to the WSU Young Democrats for taking over the Daily Evergreen.

We were treated to YD Director of Communications Jimmy Blue's screed about Wal-Mart last week.

Today, YD Treasurer Amelia Veneziano treats us to another unhinged rant about the "revolution" supposedly coming next week, all without disclosing her party affiliation. So much for transparency.

Veneziano disingenuously states:
At the risk of seeming like yammering college student who can’t see beyond partisan lines, I’ll be brief: If the Libertarians had a chance of winning an election, I would wholeheartedly throw myself into their campaigns.

Unfortunately for Veneziano, timing is everything in politics. Her outrageous allegation that
Whether Democrats really manage to turn the nation blue, we’ve achieved something major. The Republicans are running scared, their scandals exposed, their failures glaring, their moral ineptness siphoning away the Christian Right in droves. Their last desperate attempts at dirty ads are falling on deaf ears as the electorate turns off the TV in disgust.
rings a bit hollow today in the wake of John Kerry's monumental gaffe. Not surpisingly, THERE IS NO MENTION OF KERRY IN THE EVERGREEN AT ALL TODAY.

Veneziano also has some insults of her own for us rubes, urging us to "please think outside the wheat-colored box." She assures us that "election 2006 isn’t just local." Sorry Ami, to those of us hayseeds who actually live here for more than two semesters at a time over four years, all politics are local.

Sell your revolution somewhere else, Ami, maybe back in the Tri-Cities. We're not buying here.


Paul E. Zimmerman said...

Don't forget the slanderous elements of the piece written against McMorris. Nearly ran down a bunch of students in her truck while barreling backwards at high speeds? Riiiiiight.

The Evergreen is a worthless rag. I was secretly happy when several of my students said in class today that they've given up on reading it due to examples such as this one.

Tom Forbes said...

And don't forget "tuxedo-clad millionaires"

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

My tuxedo is at the cleaners. Heh.

The innability of these "writers" to deal in anything but grossly inaccurate caricatures, all the while thinking they have substantive arguments, would be supremely funny if the consequences were not that they really believe this garbage and act on it.