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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"CES professor’s behavior at demonstration was appalling "

From today's Daily Evergreen:

We are appalled by the behavior of the assistant comparative ethnic studies professor during the College Republican’s demonstration on Nov. 2. WSU professors, even assistant professors, are responsible for maintaining our school’s image. The rally, while in poor taste, did not deserve the racist response it received. To make matters worse, the assistant professor works in the CES department, which supposedly is responsible for teaching diversity. If this assistant professor was not completely ignorant, as he has shown himself to be, he would understand the best way to get equality for minorities is to work with the majority as opposed to against it. For a CES assistant professor to take this very teachable moment and turn it into a racial conflict raises questions about his abilities as a professor and whether or not he should be retained as a faculty member by WSU. It is despicable and borderline fraudulent to draw a paycheck from WSU under the false pretenses of teaching diversity at this institution. It would have been acceptable for the assistant professor to attack the College Republicans for being Republicans because that is what they represent, but to attack all Caucasians for the actions of a handful who in no way represent all of us is outrageous. How are we ever supposed to reach a higher level of equality on this campus?

Reed Goodwin senior, microbiology and Holly Drost senior, English education
We're all still waiting to see what the WSU administraton does to fix this problem.


Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

Sadly, it is not considered outrageous to attack the majority, in fact by many it is encouraged.

Satanic Mechanic said...

The WSU administration can be summed up in one word- Apathetic.
They do nothing but stick their heads in the sand. There were many accidents, incidents and controversies at WSU but no action from the administration.
I remember the WSU riots in 1998, the administration never pursued the people and groups that caused that incident.
The WSU administration will not punish a member of the CES. The CES to WSU is like the party political officer of the Soviet Union.