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Monday, November 13, 2006


Apparently the ASWSU made good on its threat to have the YouTube video of Professor David Leonard's antics yanked.

The video has been replaced with the following text:

Copyright of what? Stupidity in public? Arrogance? What a crock!!!

That's okay, there's plenty of places to post a video on the Internet.

Apparently, the Daily News was too quick to praise YouTube. Too bad. Now YouTube is going to be drawn into the controversy as well for chickening out.

From YouTube:

Some examples of copyrighted content (although not all) are:

-TV shows
-Including sitcoms, sports broadcasts, news broadcasts, comedy shows, cartoons, dramas, etc.
-Includes network and cable TV, pay-per-view and on-demand TV
-Music videos, such as the ones you might find on music video channels
-Videos of live concerts, even if you captured the video yourself
Even if you took the video yourself, the performer controls the right to use his/her image in a video, the songwriter owns the rights to the song being performed, and sometimes the venue prohibits filming without permission, so this video is likely to infringe somebody else's rights.
-Movies and movie trailers
-Slide shows that include photos or images owned by somebody else

How a personal video made with a personal camera in a public place falls into that definition is beyond me. It doesn't matter. They'll never stop it.


Paul E. Zimmerman said...

Well, we'll just have to keep posting it all over the place, particularly where national media can find it, and especially after this.

Cougster1 said...

There you go with wild speculation.
How do you know the ASWSU had anything to do with it? You don't. The ASWSU president already said it was not the case in the evergreen, which of course you read yet you still blame them with no proof or even reasonable speculation.

More likely one of the profs contacted youtube and claimed it was copywritten material. Do I know this for a fact? No but much more reasonable explaination. Either way the video will return soon I am sure.

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

Whoever is behind the video being pulled down, they've now dug a deeper hole.

Anonymous said...

I love the internet. This thing could be posted on so many websites so fast...logarithmic amplification as validation of free speech. Keen.

Besides, what would be infringed, anyway? The WSU logo on someones shirt?

April E. Coggins said...

WSUcollegerepublican: Who filmed the video? I noticed two cameras at one point and when John Streavas asked about the video, the woman said she was with Cable 8. If it was Cable 8, the film belongs to the university. If that is the case, you can still access it because it belongs to a PUBLIC university, but only after taking the proper steps.
If the film was entirely private with permission granted by the filmmaker, you probably have an even stronger defamation of character case.

April E. Coggins said...

Cougster: Pardon me if I don't believe everything said or printed in the Evergreen.

Uncle Bubba said...

The very act of someone suppressing this video raises suspicion.

Let's see if Raul Sanchez and his Center for Human Rights people are really there for their claimed purpose.

Mark R said...

hey, where do I find the video now?

Tom Forbes said...

Try here: