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Friday, November 10, 2006

Keep It Up CR's

As I pointed out last week, the future seems to be conservative.

Further evidence of that appeared in today's Seattle Times. A demographic profile of Cantwell-McGavick voters showed, somewhat astonishingly for Washington, the age group that McGavick fared best in was the 18-29 group. McGavick essentially split the youth vote with Cantwell, faring some 10 points better than with voters 30 and over.

This shows the continued importance of College Republicans getting out the conservative message on campus. I still believe conservatism/libertarianism/ individualism will be the new counterculture, even more so as our future, at least for the next two years, seems to be more liberal and collectivist than ever.

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Patrick said...

Hey Tom, great point, do you mind cross-posting this at RR? Also, did you know that Washington was only one of two states that delivered the youth vote for "W" in 2004? I believe the other was South Carolina...