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Monday, November 13, 2006

Where are our veterans?

I opened up The Daily Watermelon (thanks for the cool nickname, Tom, if it’s your original) this morning to find no mention of the Veteran’s Day presentation on Saturday. Not a word. Sure it was mentioned in Reavis’ “editorial”, but he doesn’t really count.

The Daily Watermelon was more content to talk about Fred Russell (the guy’s back in the US, give it a rest), a stabbing at a local bar (like that’s so strange), and a bunch of other stories that I wasn’t interested in. Don’t get me wrong: I loved seeing “College Republicans” on the front page, but for crying out loud! How many times can The Daily Never-Read try to complicate a simple story?

Anyways, I find it horribly disappointing that several great veterans came to our campus to share their remarkable experiences and dedication to freedom, and our own student newspaper has nothing to say about it in the Monday edition. All it would have taken is a little spot on the fifth page. Instead of reading about how people are suing Hollywood for “stealing stories,” we could have been reading about local people with their own amazing stories of true-life hardships and courage.

It reminds me of why I stopped reading newspapers and watching television news. Important stories are brushed under the rug while pointless drivel is over-inflated to near bursting.

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Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

Red Knight, you have to remember that it is only those who don't study and do well in school who serve our country.

We should be proud of our veterans! They are an important part of who and what our country is today. I'm proud to be married to one, have a son who serves in the National Guard, and know several others. Thank you veterans!