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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Who Just Watched Hannity & Colmes?

What did you think?

The blog is getting tons of hits right now through searches on Kiley!

Please, someone send me a copy of the segment.


Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

I thought Kiley did very well. I believe that as taxpayers we should be able to say we don't want this kind of person teaching our children. As taxpayers and parents we need to start some kind of grassroots effort to make sure he no longer is teaching students.

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

I haven't had a TV for years now, and no cable for longer. I am beginning to rethink the wisdom of this. :(

Cougster1 said...

we have it up now on cougster.com

The Red Knight said...

Kiley did a great job. Better than I could ever have done on national television. I think it's incredible how much coverage that this little incident from little tiny Pullman, WA is getting. I can honestly say that I never believed it would get this far.

But I am certainly glad it did! It's about time that we rocked the boat a little. We are all sailing on the Good Ship Cougar together, and incidents like those that occured two weeks ago make it that much more difficult to endure the voyage. It WSU wants to present itself as an academically open university, it's about time they reflected that!