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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cleaning Up Moscow's Mess

This was reported in today's Moscow-Pullman Daily News:
The city of Moscow’s wastewater treatment plant has violated four National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit standards regarding water quality over the past four years.

The Environmental Protection Agency has found that Moscow was in violation of standards for total residual chlorine, fecal coliform, phosphorous and dissolved oxygen, said Moscow Public Works Director Les MacDonald during Monday’s Public Works/Finance Committee meeting.
Guess where all that discharge flows? That's right, down the South Fork of the Palouse River and into Pullman.

Seems fair. We export half of our sales tax dollars to Moscow and in return they send us back their sewage. And now the Washington Department of Ecology is going to make us clean up their mess at a cost of millions.

This is the city that wants to appeal the Hawkins Development in the corridor because of, among other things, water quality and storm water? We are really through the looking glass now.

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April E. Coggins said...

Hopefully, the cost of compliance will keep Moscow busy on their up-ditch side of the border. And no Moscow, no amount of appeasing the enviromental gods with free-range chickens or rainbow flags will stop the thugs of the EPA. The EPA are liberal seeded, union fed, head-knockers. You can thank the PCEI for bringing this non-issue to the forefront. They are here to help you save the Paradise Ditch for future salmon runs!