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Monday, November 27, 2006

Why PARD Can’t Quit

"In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes."

- Andy Warhol
The comments below were written by a long-time reader of this blog who shall remain anonymous, but knows the personalities involved quite well. It presents the best summary I've read yet of what's behind PARD's seemingly endless appeals. The author is 100% right on the money:
Over the course of the Wal-Mart application process and subsequent appeals, the members of PARD have backed themselves into a corner. To give up now would signify that they were never sincere in their efforts to block the project. But more importantly, it would be an end to the only thing of substance most of them have been associated with in recent memory. It would mean the end of their soapbox time and a resigned withdrawal back to the insignificant and inconsequential niches most of them have occupied for so many years.

At this point, it would be a psychologically crushing blow to be so unceremoniously swept from the public forum. No significant part of the population cares about anything else they have to say and most of their collective life’s work will pass when they do. For the most part, the only a deluded few of the students in their courses pay any more attention to their academic prattle than is required to pass the class.

They finally hold an audience captive and awaiting their every utterance. It matters not that the audience doesn’t value their viewpoint, only that there is an audience. They know their run on life’s stage is limited and of little consequence so they cling desperately to every second they can get in the spotlight. Add to that their age and the tranquil nature of our community. Another opportunity such as this is not likely to come along in their lifetimes. So, there you have it. They can’t quit because they have become a self licking ice cream cone.
PARD's clock of infamy is at 14:59. Is it any wonder they will desperately keep that last second from ticking off? It's actually quite embarasssing to watch these people self-destruct in public.

In other towns, Wal-Mart appeals are not usually pushed this far. In Pullman, we are seeing it because these are not residents or business people that are doing the appealing, but outsiders. They are elitist academics who have no connection to the community and are completely out of touch with the mainstream. Ed Schweitzer, Lane Rawlins and Duane Brelsford, three of the most influential men in Pullman, are all behind Wal-Mart and know it will be good for Pullman.

The PARDners don't care what bridges they burn. Whatever legacy PARD leaves behind will be a very bitter one.