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Monday, November 13, 2006

Quick! Tack Down the Rug!

Kinda figured that this would happen:
College Republicans’ demonstration sparks controversy on campus

"A 24-foot chain-link fence placed on the Glenn Terrell Mall on Nov. 2 by the WSU College Republicans has become something of a battleground in recent days.

WSU faculty, College Republicans and other students allegedly fired racist and derogatory comments toward each other, groups said. More than 10 minutes of footage was videotaped the College Republicans and posted on YouTube.com on Wednesday. One of the three videos shows David Leonard, assistant professor of comparative ethnic studies, first asking and then demanding the cameraman for his WSU student identification number. “By the student code of conduct, I’d like to have your ID,” he said on the tape. “You have to give it to me.” The standards of conduct do not require students to hand over their IDs in such situations, but it does require students to comply with a “proper order” from a university official. Leonard declined to comment Sunday on the issue.
You've gotta love this (well, no, not really). The fact that Leonard barked an order at the student in an attempt to intimidate him because of a disagreement over political views is glossed over, and we are given the hint that maybe it was ok because students have to comply with "proper orders" from faculty. The fact that this order was A) not required to be followed under the Student Code of Conduct, the cited authority, and B) it was also intended as intimidation and served no official purpose, doesn't that take this as far away as possible from a proper order?

On top of that, where is the proof that the CR's "fired racist comments" at anyone? Character assassination is a favorite tactic of the left on this campus, that's for sure. And no, I'm not buying John "White $h!tbag" Streamas' claim that the fence is the equivalent of a swastika or a Confederate flag. Your own twisted internal, subjective dialogue and the false interpretations it vomits forth do not equate to a racist epithet hurled at an individual with the intention of insult, Streamas.

And so the Great WSU Sweep begins. They've done it so many times before; let's try to prevent it from happening this time. Keep up the good work, CR's! You've got my support, all the way.


April E. Coggins said...

If the Evergreen is true to form, tomorrow will bring an editorial explaining that the CR's brought this all upon themselves. It will be said that their opinion and format was so offensive, so out of the mainstream, that while some of the comments and reactions were inappropriate, they are not to be unexpected considering the emotions the CR demonstration was clearly meant to bring about.
I've read so many of these self-justifying editorials in the Evergreen, I could write it myself.

What you won't read are the many letters of outrage against the CES and the coverage of this story.

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

Yeah, Raul Sanchez, the head of the WSU Center for Human Rights, has a funny way of making the victim into the aggressor. I watched as he did that to the cast and crew of The Passion of the Musical a few years ago, with plenty of help from the Evergreen, naturally. I won't be surprised to see them try it again, but I think the video footage is going to thwart them this time - the whole world can see their hypocrisy now.

April E. Coggins said...

I wonder if the CES has a self-generating victim letter similar to the self-generating complaint letter?