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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Adding Injury to Insult

From the Pullman PD Daily Log:
06-P09144 Assault

Complainant: BURKE, BRYAN
NW Fisk St B

Incident Address : 100 NE Stadium Way & North Grand Ave
Responding Officers: Mark Eley
Disposition : ACT
Unit: 448 Time Reported: 16:18 Time Dispatched:
Time Arrived : 16:29 Time Completed : 16:45

Cad Comments:
Rp advised that a male subject came by and pushed the Rp & tried to ruin some of the signs. Suspect has gone on his way UP stadium way. Officer responded and took computer report.
Bryan Burke, as you may remember, is the force behind Eastern WA Voters and had been spearheading the "Cathy McMorris hates vets" lie.

Sounds like Burke was one of the aggressive anti-McMorris sign wavers downtown and up by Dissmores (one evening last week, I observed them actually stepping into the road in front of cars). Perhaps someone didn't appreciate the "in your face" style of campaigning.

All of that, and Goldmark lost anyway. Better luck next time guys.

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Bryan E. Burke said...

Yes, I was waiving signs for vets and against McMorris . . . but did I step "in front of cars"? No, that would have been both pointless and dangerous.

However, would I risk bodily injury if it would realistically bring additional health care to disabled and underinsured U.S. veterans? Yes, I would . . . because they have risked their lives and received their injuries with the intention of protecting us.

When the United States sends its sons and daughters to war, it is a moral imperative for us to adequate take care of them when they return as veterans. Presently, our country has failed to do that. “Funding for the veterans health care system continues to erode, forcing many to wait months for necessary medical appointments . . .” said Paul W. Jackson, of Disable American Veterans (DAV news release, August 12, 2006). Also, see the note below.

This is why many veterans have been angry at our country’s political leadership over the last 3 years, and a big reason why the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) gave Cathy McMorris a "D" grade on veterans issues (and a similar grade for most of her party) who repeatedly voted against additional funding for veterans health care. (http://capwiz.com/iava/bio/?id=9059&lvl=C&chamber=H) . See IAVA for bill numbers.

Also, the signs read “Support Vets, Fire McMorris” and “McMorris voted against Vet Benefits.” I never said “McMorris hates vets” as you suggested, but no hard feelings about the misquote. Signs can be hard to read while driving by.

Note: For example, at the Spokane VA Medical Center, there are waiting lists of up to two months and possibly up to 8 months for some vets that are new applicants to the VA system. On February 2, 2006, the Spokesman Review reported waits of up to 2 months for some veterans to receive health care. More recently, veterans and staff at the Spokane VA Medical Center have told me the waits have increased to 8 months for veterans who are first time applicants to the VA system.

There are reports from around the country from veterans who have waited over a year (http://vawatchdog.org/old newsflashes OCT 06/newsflash10-06-2006-1.htm) and from staff at the VA that waiting times for mental health care are so long that it has made this care essentially inaccessible for many vets (http:/www.vawatchdog.org/old newsflashes MAY
06/newsflash05-06-2006-3.htm). The VA has further admitted long wait times for medical care, which threats the health of veterans. http://www.va.gov/oig/54/reports/VAOIG-05-03028-145.pdf