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Thursday, November 09, 2006

"Sliding Into Oblivion"

Carole Reid had the unenviable position of expressing what in these post-election days must be a very rare bitter and arrogant Democratic diatribe in today's Daily News:
The Democrats have gained control of Congress. I am very happy about that. I am sad that they have gained control without Peter Goldmark. Here is a candidate that is highly educated, in touch with the rural community, and a moderate. However, you chose to vote for continued incompetence. I can only compare it to the Republican vote in Louisiana. As we well know, parts of that state were completely devastated by hurricane Katrina. It took days for government help to get there and that help was not very effective. And it is still a mess.

Eastern Washington lost a good legislator in Tom Foley with the George Nethercutt debacle. Now it wants to continue the slide into oblivion. That is until the developers arrive and take over.

It will take years, if ever, for eastern Washington voters to get effective representation from the Republicans it supports.

Carole Reid

Reid was quoted in another article today:
Weller, Ross and Hailey did not return calls seeking comment.

Democrats haven’t posted any wins in Whitman County races.Carole Reid, an active member in the Whitman County Democrats, said she would like to see her party’s candidates prevail, but the relatively high numbers give her hope for the future.

She said Weller and Horter put up a good showing and didn’t get washed away in a Republican landslide.

“We wanted people to know we are here in Whitman County,” Reid said. “They know we are here. It gives me some cause to be happy.”
"Relatively good numbers?" "Didn't get washed away in a landslide?" Cantdowell won with 58% of the vote and the press is calling it a crushing defeat and a mandate. Our local GOP candidates are winning with 57%, 60% and 62% of the vote. Nixon's landslide in 1972 was 60.7% of the popular vote and Reagan's landslide in 1984 was 58.8%. What would Ms. Reid call it?

The Seattle Times is reporting today how the anti-Bush mood swept out incumbent Republican state legislators in Spokane, even a county commissioner. If the Dems couldn't grab a local office THIS year, it seems unlikely they EVER will.

That's right Carole. Whitman County built a levee against the Democratic tsunami (although sadly, Cantdowell is barely ahead in Whitman County). We'll hold out on our little red island here until the liberal state and natonal Democrats go hog wild with their supposed mandate, taxing everyone left and right implementing their Nanny State, and we'll be ready to ride another Republican wave into the Governor's Mansion and the White House in 2008.


Paul E. Zimmerman said...

Quick translation of Carole's letter:


April E. Coggins said...

Yup, another pouty sour grapes letter. Tonight's Daily News was full of them. The Dems must be very angry, depressed people.

I was here when we defeated Tom Foley, it was a great day. Tom Foley used to campaign here every four years. He would have his picture taken in front of combine in a wheatfield (not unlike Caitlin), dressed in jeans, a plaid shirt and a John Deere hat. No one really knew what he did, but he was ours and we supported him. When he became Speaker of the House, we learned quickly what he did. He was working against our interests. He voted anti-gun, pro-welfare, anti-rural values. One of the proudest days of my life was when we voted him out. Our voters chose to put the good of the country ahead of the pork that was promised us. And believe me, we have seen more progress now than when Tom Foley was in office. He didn't give a rats ass about Eastern Washington, he proved it when he sold his house and moved to DC after his defeat. Good riddance, Tom Foley! Bring on the developers!