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Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Future Is In Good Hands

This is an e-mail making it's way around Republican circles here in Whitman County:
Hope everything is going well for you. Well, I am just reminding you to send in your ballot. I have been volunteering with the Mike McGavick and Cathy McMorris campaigns and have been horrifically shocked at the number of people who forget or just don't care to bubble in some bubbles and send in their ballot! This is probably going to be another Dino Rossi election (he lost the 2004 governors race by a mere 129 votes). So, please do me a HUGE favor and tell everyone you see in the next 6 days TO SEND IN THEIR BALLOT!!! You could also put in a good word for my friends Mike and Cathy.

Well, I hope to see you soon! And remember to get the word out! Thanks a million!

P.S. Please forward this email to everyone you know who lives in Washington State and who you think would vote for Mike and Cathy! There is only 6 days left to determine what the next 6 years of our state's history will be. Ballots are due postmarked by Tuesday, November 7. This will be a close election so, EVERY vote counts. MAKE SURE YOUR BALLOT IS SENT WITH ENOUGH POSTAGE OR IT CAN BE THROWN OUT !
This was sent by a young man who is not even old enough to vote yet. He and his brothers and sisters have been downtown almost every day waving signs. There's also a ninth grader I know who has also been very active. These kids have been working harder than a lot of older Republicans. Don't let them down! VOTE!!!!

Remember, the future belongs to conservatives.


Uncle Bubba said...

I've talked to these kids.They are bright, energetic and optimistic about their future.They deserve encouragement and credit for being concerned enough to be involved at such an early age.

April E. Coggins said...

Contrast the youngsters in your story to the way these young Dem's express their political convictions:

I can't help but believe the difference is the respect taught at home.