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Friday, January 20, 2006

Appeal Hearing Day Two Wrap-Up

On the way into the hearing this morning, we were behind a car that had a "My other car is a broom" license plate frame. I figured it wasn't a Wal-Mart supporter. And sure enough, out stepped the "Boob" Master and Professor "Lower Socio-economic Class". I guess the "Wiccans Against Wal-Mart" bumper sticker is still under production. Based on today's wacky weather, you can almost believe that.

HUGE supporter turnout today!! I am so proud of the people of this town. The bad thing is that many supporters came hoping to speak and didn't get a chance to because of how poorly the hearing was run. But still many diehards stuck around to the bitter end, just to show their support. I met so many people that I had only known as names before, and lots of other new supporters. PARD is dying, our numbers are growing all the time!

I never want to hear the words "PM Peak" again.

PARD's delay tactics almost worked, but the common people of Pullman rose up against them. Yes, the media wasn't there to cover it (they weren't there for PARD's comments either), but the Hearing Examiner heard it, and it's not the newspapers that make the decision. Plus, we may have averted another useless day of public hearing. Now we need to finish the job and demand that PARD drop their appeals and delays.

Stupid Quote #1: An old hippie chick was eavesdropping on my conversation during a break with two ladies about the benefits cited in the fiscal impact study. "All that money just goes to Arkansas!", the hippie chick said as she stormed out, which at least freed up a seat for one of the ladies.

Stupid Quote #2: The PARD attorney (who reminded me of Doogie Howser a bit), asked the economist who conducted the fiscal study on behalf of Wal-Mart, "Did you also study the impact on the Moscow Wal-Mart?" Do we really care about that?

Stupid Quote #3: From TV Rerun, of course. Apparently, being head of PARD has imbued him with certain megalomaniacal tendencies. He pontificated today that if he found that a fiscal impact study showed that Wal-Mart was beneficial for Pullman, then he would tell all the 9,000 or so people who signed the petition that it is okay for them to shop at Wal-Mart. Sheesh, who does he think he is, Moses?

Speaking of the fiscal impact study, it was worth sitting through all of the stupefyingly boring testimony today to see the look on the PARDners faces when that data came out. Here is the thing they have been whining for the past six months. When they finally heard the results, you would have thought they were four-year olds that been told the family dog had just been run over by a car. This reveals the whole economic impact study thing is just a canard. They were already starting to tear it apart before they had even seen it, just because it says something they don't agree with. The only study they want, just like any of the others, is one that agrees with their narrow viewpoint.

Then there was the "Ice Cream Dude" that testified at the end. I don't really know what more to say about him. At least he felt strongly enough about it to come out.

I know a whole bunch of people now I'd gladly go into battle with: Russ and April Coggins, Joshua Coke, Steve Garl, Ray Lindquist, Steve Syms, Jim Hawkes, Fred Miller, Don Pelton, Dan Dornes, Fritz Hughes, Susie Johnson, and a bunch of others I'm sure I missed.

Speaking of Joshua, can anyone say "Senator Coke??" He did fantastic tonight.

It starts up again next Thursday, the 26th, at 10 AM. I have no idea what the format will be: More testimony? Does PARD get to rebut the new evidence? But I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I hear anything.


April E. Coggins said...

The Ice Cream Dude came up and congratulated Russ for speaking the truth. So if he wasn't on our side before, he is now.

Speaking of heroes, we have Don Pelton, Fritz Hughes, Dan Dornes, Scott Van Ness, Carrolle Hayden, Ray Lindquist. I am leaving off a huge number of supporters who were at the hearing, spoke at the hearing and have given donations and support. And of course, the modest Tom Forbes, who has been the most instrumental in giving us a forum and keeping us on track.

Scotty said...

Scott Van Ness wanted to be there, but he had to work... But we did do a lot of talking about it through out the evening. We were keeping up to date on the happenings through the website.

April E. Coggins said...
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WSUStretch said...

In the end, the truth and real facts will preval, and the vision set forth 20+ years ago IS coming to pass.

While attending last night brought flashbacks of SOOOO many Planning Commission public hearings, I couldn't be prouder of the work we did back then, and of the quality work that the Planning and Public Works staff have done. They deserve a great round of applause too!

If I were to characterize the whole proceedings, marathon, or open mike session (take your pick), I would sum it up into 3 statements

1. Common sense is NOT and equally distributed gift.
2. Facts and Truth really do matter
3. Patience really IS a virture

Everyone - Have a great weekend and thanks for helping make the future of Pullman economically viable and being involved in it's long term COMMUNITY health.

Steve Garl (AKA WSUStretch)

April E. Coggins said...

Thank you Steve, for coming down so late and speaking. Your help has been instrumental.

Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

I spent my day yesterday at a work related day called some other name, but was really about hierarchy in the college and not misusing power. What a day.... By the time I got home I thought the hearing was over, but know I was there in spirit. Thank you Tom for keeping this updated so I could follow the days activities.

Uncle Bubba said...

Steve Garl was on the Planning Commission in the 80's and early 90's that established Bishop Blvd. as commercially zoned and revised the City's Comprehensive Plan. Steve testified before the Examiner as to how the process came about and the City's vision of future development.
It was concise and intellegent.
Thanks Steve for your hard work, then and now, for the benefit of our city.