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Friday, January 20, 2006

Stand By for Major Development

PARD is trying to wrangle a delay in the hearing.

They have effectively slowed down testimony with all the traffic critiquing so that there has been no public testimony yet. The Hearing Examiner wants, therefore, to postpone closing statements to a later date so public testimony can continue.

Also, PARD also wants to have another day of hearings to rebut the traffic report and fiscal study. Oh brother. Anything to drag it out longer.

The Wal-Mart attorney objected, saying that the burden of proof is on PARD and they have had plenty of opportunity to come up with their own studies, versus debunking Wal-Mart's. The Hearing Examiner is going to consider the motion.

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Ray Lindquist said...

It can't be so... say it isn't so PLEASE Lord.