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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The 51st State

It has been kicked around for a while, but there is a resolution in Washington to split the state in two. The mountains really are a boundary between two different peoples in many ways. Eastern Washington has one huge city in Spokane (The 2nd biggest city in the state) and a lot of smaller cities and towns. It has WSU and a lot of farm land.

Western Washington is rainy and grey. Mild year-round. Those people have mold and mushrooms growing everywhere. They have a very liberal mindset and have all the largest cities in the state (other than Spokane as already mentioned). They have industry, big companies, and a little farming.

But I say what we do is carve Seattle out of Washington. They are the 206 area code all by themselves. It use to cover all of Western Washington, then years ago it was cut back for only Seattle. But the biggest problems through out the state come from Seattle...

* They want to control hydro-electric/navigation dams on a river 300 miles away and they don't care what it will do to the local citizens.
* They are suing the makers of certain shower heads because something like 7 gallons per minute comes out of the shower head.
* They have decided that if you own property outside of Seattle and you have more than 5 acres, that you can not do anything with 2/3 of your property. You must let it sit untouched. Yeah, of course you still pay taxes on the land, but you can NOT do anything with it.

They are looney!

So, I say we carve Seattle out of Washington. Make it a city-state. And they can go with their gangsta wanna-bes and call themselves the Two-Oh-Six. Think about the number of people who would move in to the new state of Two-Oh-Six, just because of the name. They would love it.


April E. Coggins said...

You have one vote. I am tired of living in a nanny state that starves most of the state. I am tired of paying unfair taxes with no results in my area. If roads equal bounty, eastern Washington is starving. PLEASE God, no more island subsidies in dry eastern Washington. We need roads.

Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

I'm all for creating a new state. I think though it should be split with the mountains. Vancouver and Olympia are too much like Seattle.