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Saturday, January 21, 2006

"What Do We Lose by Doing More Study?"

One of TV Rerun's more memorable quotes yesterday in referring to conducting even more unrequired and illegal studies about a Pullman Wal-Mart was, "What do we lose by doing more study?"

I'll tell you exactly what we lose TV.

An economic expert testified yesterday that a Pullman Wal-Mart could do up to $70 million a year in business, resulting in some $500,000 a year in sales tax revenue for the city of Pullman.

Further information from the Whitman County Assessor's Office was submitted by Jim Hawkes.

Pullman property tax rate is $16,4361 per thousand of appraised value. The estimated appraisal of the Wal-Mart Supercenter is $20,000,000.00.

$20,000,000.00 X .0164361= $328,722.00

$78,146.00 goes to the City of Pullman
$18,238.00 goes to the hospital
$9,958.00 goes to Emergency Medical Services
$9,958.00 goes to Pullman Metro Park District
$112,784.00 goes to the public schools

Total for Pullman is $229,084.00

$35,334.00 goes to Whitman County
$8914.00 goes to the Port of Whitman

Total for the county is $44,248.00

The State of Washington gets $55,390.00

$500,000 + $229,084 = $729,084 per year from a Pullman Supercenter in sales and property tax revenue alone. That comes out to $1997.49 every day that PARD's endless and frivilous delays are costing Pullman.

Total Tax Revenue Lost Since PARD's Site Plan Appeal was Filed: $213,741.43

I will be updating this figure every day until PARD drops their appeal or their appeal is rejected.


April E. Coggins said...

Just think about the costs of this appeal. We are losing the sales tax revenue from the 300+ workers wages. The lost utility tax revenue. There is the State of Washington payroll tax revenue. Plus all the revenues from the tag-along businesses that wants to come in.

Then is there is the actual cost of the appeal itself. Hundreds and probably thousands of man-hours being put in by city employees. The salary of the hearing examiner, the court reporter, the rental of Gladish, the hiring of outside consultants.

All these costs because PARD supposedly wants to "save" Pullman. Please STOP! We don't want to be saved.

Ray Lindquist said...

With PARD it is the WRONG - WAY any thing to protect the scared cow the Unions. I know you "Losers" from PARD are reading in here. Do you see that figure $112,784.00 for the Public Schools, Why is PARD against schools so much??? PLEASE STOP the APPEAL NOW.... PLEASE.

Ray Lindquist said...

Tom, Thanks for bring all the figures to fore front. Now we can put a figure on how much these loonies are costing us as city and county.

April E. Coggins said...

More numbers:

PARD is stopping $50,000.00 in sales tax revenue that would go to the sheriffs department. The voters just approved the added tax, wouldn't it also make sense that the voters would approve of an increase in the tax base?

PARD is stopping $3,500,000.00 in Washington state sales tax. Imagine, three and a half million dollars that they would prefer go to another state. PARD is mostly made up of state employees and retirees, completely dependent on state revenue and they want to stop an increase in revenue. Don't you think it will easier for WSU President V. Lane Rawlins to ask the governor for a WSU budget increase if Pullman is suddenly generating three and half million more dollars than we were before? PARD's "logic" is mind boggling.