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Monday, January 23, 2006

Uncle Buck Speaks

Uncle Buck Viagra, an expert in the dating habits of nocturnal cloven-hoofed field-dwelling mammals, apparently now fancies himself an expert on land use law. He shared some of that knowledge in a letter in today’s Daily Evergreen:
"Pullman is polarized over Wal-Mart. The two sides talk past each other. They do so because the foundations of their arguments are fundamentally different."
Pullman is NOT “polarized” over Wal-Mart. For example, Uncle Buck’s wife, The Trolley Conductor, lost last year’s City Council election by 15 percentage points. This in the ward that will be most impacted by Wal-Mart. The vast majority of people in this town want a Wal-Mart, or they are at least not opposed to it. Any “polarization” we are experiencing is because PARD continues to spout outrageous and irresponsible lies that Wal-Mart will kill kids, shutter stores, desecrate dead bodies, and ruin our sex lives.

Yes, the foundations of our arguments are fundamentally different. The members of PARD, like Uncle Buck, are jihadis, embarked on a Holy War. No amount of truth, logic, reason or facts will change their mind. Witness the recent fiscal impact study that was just revealed. It conclusively proves that all the things that PARD claims are untrue. Yet, they began to attack the study at the hearing before even seeing it, just because it doesn’t fit with their radical ideology.
"One side uses moral compassion to emphasize child safety in the streets, employee exploitation, generation of city blight, failed businesses, pollution, and the desecration of cemetery solitude that the proposed Wal-Mart will bring.

The arguments from the opposing side encompass property rights and an apparent new constitutional right to shop in disregard of community and responsibility to one’s fellow man."
Well, PARD has finally publicly come out against private property rights. We all knew they were Socialists, and now we have the proof.

As far as the Constitution goes, what crass hypocrisy! These are the same people that say there is a Constitutional right to gay marriage, abortions, and all sorts of other things the majority of Americans find morally repugnant. But now suddenly we can’t shop where we want? At least Jim Fisher, another liberal, got that point right.

I’m sure the members of PARD rail against the “Religious Right” for trying to impose their brand of morality on others, yet that is exactly what these “Liberal Leftists” are trying to do to us.

This is why Justice wears a blindfold and holds a scale. The land use law that is being addressed in the current Wal-Mart appeal hearings does not provide for “moral compassion”, thank God. The law is supposed to be objective. “Moral compassion” is subjective.
"The Pullman politicians and their city managers have adapted the latter view with an eye on potential tax revenues. They view Moscow as an enemy and have failed to study the costs of their actions to other political entities, e.g. Whitman County, Colfax, State of Washington, or consider the long-term adverse pernicious effects that a one-store town will have on WSU and other institutions."
Of course, the Pullman government wants tax revenue!!!!! That’s what a government does!! Only an elitist college professor would dismiss the budget needs that we have or how half or our taxable revenue is being exported out of town. No one hates Moscow, but we do compete with them, like it or not. In business, there are winners and losers. PULLMAN HAS BEEN A LOSER THE LAST 30 PLUS YEARS. I’M SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT MOSCOW. THIS IS PULLMAN!! LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!! Of course, Uncle Buck did not list Moscow and Latah County as “political entities”. But as far as Colfax, Whitman County and Washington go, the new study has shown they will benefit as well. And there are no “long-term adverse pernicious effects” either.

And talk about rich hypocrisy!! The effects a “one-store town will have on WSU”? HA!! Isn't that what we have now with ShopKo? And how about the effects a “one-university town have had on Pullman”? The problem now is that we are not economically diversified enough. The largest employer in town pays no property tax, its employees pay no state income taxes, half of its employees live outside of Pullman and pay no property tax here, and students and visitors spend half their money outside of town. Don’t believe me? Check out the City’s Comprehensive Plan.
"They apparently lack sense and shame. We can do better.

James Krueger, Pullman Resident"
We did do better, Uncle Buck. That’s why your wife is not sitting on the City Council now. Voters have more sense than you give them credit for.

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WSUStretch said...

He couldn't even be original - had to resort to using John Kerry's tag line of "We can do better" How sad.