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Friday, January 13, 2006

Waving that HONK for Wal-Mart sign

It has been some time since I was out with my sign HONK for Wal-Mart waving it. Sorry one and all, I have been working on a web store Gifts 4 All Occasions that has been taking a large piece of my time. I told myself I had to get down and do some more waving before the hearing today. Two things happened today that were very off the wall. 1st - I got down to Main & Grand at about 8 am and it went sort of like the last time until about just before 9 am. A dapper gentleman was watching me from across the street under the awning so as not to get rained on. The strange thing was he stood there for 2 maybe 3 cycles of the stop light, and just watched me. Then he came across the street and confronted me saying that he almost got in a wreck due to all of the "HONKING". He went on to tell me that it was the law that the use of ones horn other than a emergency was against the state law. I told him that I did not think that was the case. He asked me to move on down the street out of the 'main' intersection of town. I told him I was going to stay put until around 10:15 am. At this point he threatened me and said that he was going to call the city police. I told him to do what he had to do, but I was going to stay until asked to leave or the time came when I had head out. He left and went back across the street and into some office just across the street from where I was. I kept seeing city police cars go by. Some of the patrolmen would nod or wave as they went by as they had been doing since the time I had arrived and the previous times. I just kept expecting them to stop at any moment and ask me to leave, but they did not. So did he or did he not call, that is the BIG question? Well that wraps up that one. Now the 2nd - At just before 9 am I had this young college girl stop by with her BIG umbrella and draw me into a 'chat'. Asking "why I could get anything I wanted at any store in Pullman already so why do we need a Wal-Mart?" I told her that it was up to Wal-Mart to decide if they wanted to invest their money in our community, it was their business. Then she promptly told me that it was all junk made in 3rd world countries. I went on to explain to here it was the same 'Crest tooth paste' or Rubber-Maid plastic ware, etc, etc... that was at any other store. She went on up the hill. but low and behold at about 9:45 am she showed up yet again. She promptly trotted out the same lines as before. During all of this exchange with her it was laced with 4 letter words and when some people would "HONK" she would either flip them off or give that person a thumbs down sign. I told her that was not very lady like and that we could 'chat' without all the superlatives, we could do this like "adults".
Well, I was done with my sign waving and I was off to the hearing just up the hill. When I got in and settled and the session started one of the first speakers for PARD was none other than our 'dapper gentleman' from above. He was the notorious Matthew Root PhD. We have come full circle it seems. Hope you went by and honked waved or gave me a thumbs up this nice rainy morning. IF I missed you today hope to see you next week, if so lay into those horns.


Tom Forbes said...

Way to go Ray!!

It's all about free speech, right PARDners? What a joke. Diversity and tolerance for all, just so you agree with them.

Apparently "Indiana" Root fancies himself an expert now on traffic laws, as well as "lost" cemeteries.

What a buffoon.

Ray Lindquist said...

LOL ... It was some kind fun for a rainy day. I look forward to next week, maybe some more people will join in on it all, time will tell.

Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

You rock!