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Saturday, January 21, 2006

First Big Business... Now We The People...

8201-Initiatives & referenda

According to the above bill by Senator Jacobsen (D) of Seattle, he would like to get rid of the ability of the people to have initiatives and referendum powers in Washington. He is proposing several changes to several Sections of various Articles in the State Constitution. Including totally eliminating Section 1 of Article II. I have the first paragraph pasted below. This is something to watch out for!

SECTION 1 LEGISLATIVE POWERS, WHERE VESTED. The legislative authority of the state of Washington shall be vested in the legislature, consisting of a senate and house of representatives, which shall be called the legislature of the state of Washington, but the people reserve to themselves the power to propose bills, laws, and to enact or reject the same at the polls, independent of the legislature, and also reserve power, at their own option, to approve or reject at the polls any act, item, Section, or part of any bill, act, or law passed by the legislature.

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