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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday 4-Fer #1

Terry Day had another great letter in the Daily News today blasting PARD. His words are so eloquent; I don’t need to add anything to them:
Pullman must play by the rules

The morality play being acted out on the public stage in Pullman illustrates the broad moral corruption that permeates our larger society. At the national level, both political parties are rife with corruption. American corporations are riddled with corruption.

Now comes the Pullman Alliance for Responsible Development with moral objections to the Wal-Mart Corp., hypocritically asking city officials to commit the immoral act of violating the law.

The city must process Wal-Mart’s application according to ordinances existing at the time the application was filed with the city. It would be illegal for the city to change the rules in midstream.

This is fundamental not only as a matter of fair play, but of long-established law. Were I to file a request for a permit to build a house, the city has to play by the rules existing at the moment I filed. If my application conforms to city ordinances, neither city staff nor council could change the requirements, no matter how much they may dislike me personally, or what I propose to build, regardless of how many citizens may protest.

Asking city officials to break the law is, plainly, simply, indisputably immoral.

And, frankly, I don’t understand why the hearing officer permits legally irrelevant testimony at hearings.

So why is the city providing a forum for PARD’s hypocritical moralizing?

Terence L. Day, Pullman

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