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Monday, January 09, 2006

Another Reason Why We Need to be like Europe

From The Guardian

The 500 companies listed on Norway's stock exchange face being shut down unless they install women on their boards over the next two years in a radical initiative imposed by a government determined to help women break through the "glass ceiling".

Washington is always willing to lead the way to reducing the number os those pesky businesses in our state. Maybe PARD can get Pullman to start a local ordinance that will force all businesses that come to Pullman to have a certain "diversity ratio".

How about something like this: In order for a company to be allowed in Pullman, its store cannot be bigger than 50,000 square feet. It must not have any lawsuits against it, unless, it is business like Safeway, Coke, or McDonalds. It should pay at least $50.00 an hour as a living wage, unless, it is a local company such as Taco Time, Arby's, or Radio Shack. Should the company be called Target it gets a free pass at the above rule. Should the company be called Wal-Mart, it must jump through many extra hoops, just to be considered.

Finally, all businesses should have a board made up of 50% women, and the racial make up should be that of the United States at the last census. If the company does not have such a make up it cannot come to Pullman. Exception to the Rule: Any company that is not Wal-Mart is exempt from this rule.


Tom Forbes said...

Even better, let's turn Pullman into France, the Socialist worker's "paradise". We'll mandate high "living wages", government-paid health care benefits, 35 hour work weeks, months of paid vacation, and make it virtually impossible to fire anyone. That way, none of our local employers will ever hire someone with low skills, or that has trouble with the language, or that otherwise might be expected to be a "problem" employee. Then the unemployed can riot and burn all our cars when they get frustrated.

Scotty said...

You, sir, are a mastermind! Great idea.