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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Do you buy your underwear at Goodwill too?

If I want building supplies, I go to the Grange or Pullman Building Supply. If I want food, I go to Safeway, Dissmores or the International Food Store. If I want gas or car parts or tires, I go to one of many gas stations in Pullman, Les Schwab or Heritage, or the parts store on Grand (they put my windshield wipers on for free).

If I want to have a dining experience, I go to one of the many fine restuarants [sic] in Pullman. If I want clothes, I go to Goodwill or Ken Vogels. If I want shoes or drug store items or entertainment items, or electronics or other household products, I go to Shopko or Rite Aid. If I want pet supplies, I go to B. Bill's or Shopko.

If I need prescriptions or photos printed, I can think of several places to go in Pullman. If I want plants or gardening supplies, I go to SYG, the place towards Palouse, or Prairie Bloom.

In short, I can get anything I want or need in Pullman without having a giant, ugly big-box store and parking lot being built. And shame on you people who say there is nowhere to shop in Pullman. Do you wear blinders when you drive around? I shop many other places in Pullman, but in the interest of brevity, will not list them all.

Barbara Feil
And if you want building supplies they don't have, you go to Lewiston or Spokane. If they don't have the auto parts you want, you go out of town, if they don't have the electronics you want, you go out of town.

In short, though you are able to get what you need, that does not mean that everyone can get what they need in Pullman. I wont buy underwear at the Goodwill.

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April E. Coggins said...

Do I buy my underwear at Goodwill? Not anymore. They are shutting down and moving to Moscow.