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Monday, January 23, 2006

An Open Letter to James Krueger

James, this is getting out of hand and your latest letter to the editor of the Daily Evergreen is an absolute insult. How dare you suggest that those of us supporting the freedom of consumers to decide for themselves somehow lack concern for social and personal responsibility. Let me ask you, James, what do you define as responsibility? What does it mean to care for “one’s fellow man?” Where do you draw the line? Where is your crusade over the low wages and lack of benefits for the hundreds of student employees working in Pullman? I haven’t heard it. Did I miss that letter to the editor? When did you come out to denounce the trade practices of Starbucks? The corruption and violence surrounding the petroleum products you put in your car? What about the plight of the produce harvesters? Do you eat fruits and vegetables, James? If I searched your cupboards, would I find only organic, fair-trade products?

We lack “sense and shame,” do we? Why should we be ashamed? We respect the legal process and the public input that went toward the development of the Comprehensive Plan that calls for commercial development on Bishop. We respect that consumers can make their own choices and shouldn’t have to be burdened and “shamed” by the supposed moral superiority of you and your ilk. We respect the choices of the voters of Pullman who favored Wal-Mart supporters by a three to one margin. We have been sensitive to the needs of those on fixed incomes, for whom the savings of a discount retailer makes a massive difference. We have not resorted to scare tactics predicting the death of children, desecration of the remains of our lost loved ones, and destruction of the local economy. We have not been dishonest. You know the results of the economic impact study, James. You know that it specifically states that downtown is vibrant and not in danger of the “blight” or “failed businesses” that you mention in your letter. You know this, James, but you said it anyway. I am insulted and I am angered by your righteous indignation and accusations. You’re an educated man, James. I expected better.


April E. Coggins said...

I hope you sent that letter. I hope it's printed. Thousands of Pullman residents thank you for expressing so well, our frustrations and anger at the dishonesty of PARD.

Scotty said...

Welcome to Palousitics from a fellow former-SCSer... I hope to read more from you.

Uncle Bubba said...

A typical PARD trait, if you don't agree with thier point of view you're either uneducated-uninformed-or morally reprehensible. I guess that makes me all of the above.

Tom Forbes said...

Well, I might agree with the last one Uncle Bubba! *LOL*