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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday 4-Fer #2

Lo, how the mighty have fallen.

In today’s Daily Evergreen, Citizen Hosick was quoted as saying that “the proposed Wal-Mart has caused a division between people in Pullman”.

Contrast this to PARD’s cocky press release from last May:

Round One: The Battle for Public Opinion is Over. PARD Has Clearly Won that Battle.
In my opinion, a couple of dozen hardcore blowhards in ponytails and tie-dyed t-shirts do not constitute much of a division. And any such "divisions" that Pullman is currently experiencing have been caused by PARD’s irresponsible rhetoric over the past year. Remember, these are the people that have been publicly saying that our cemetery is going to be desecrated, kids and grandmas are going to be run over and killed, the low-class rednecks are going to start a crime wave, our public schools are going to be destroyed, and our economy ruined.

In reality, it’s Round 15, and the Hearing Examiner is about to administer a ten-count to PARD.

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