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Thursday, January 19, 2006

We don't want big businesses anyway.

From today's Daily News:
The world's largest retailer [WalMart] is among the targets of the Washington state measures, which would force companies with more than 5,000 workers to spend the equivalent of 9 percent of their payroll on health insurance programs.

Our leaders are at it again, trying to make Washington as business unfriendly as possible. In this case we want to get rid of what is left of Boeing in Washington. We should also try to get Microsoft to move to California.

HOLY SMOKES!!! I just figured it out. For a long time I thought our state was anti-business and anti-growth and anti-roads. With all thebusinessess like Boeing, Microsoft, etc we have ahundredss of thousands of people living in the Sound region. But with all these anti-business stances the state makes, they are working towards a goal. I guess most of us are too dumb to see the goal, but I now see it. You can count me as one of the smart ones.

The goal is to move all the large companies out of Washington. Then the smaller companies that feed off the larger companies will dry up. Leaving very few people in Washington. Once the population decreases, the roads and the cities will be perfect. We wont need new roads. We wont need to cut down more trees for more living space. We wont need to do anything as our state will be a perfect little commune.

Yay for Washington... Ummm, anyone know were a petition for the State of Eastern Washington is?


Ray Lindquist said...

Scotty - Good post. I would bet that it is just a start with the 9% give the RATs some time and that percentage will be pushing 15 to 20 precent. Then on the brightside IF there can be one to that kind of madness. When the 'lights-go-out' in Seattle we may just have a chance to change this "coummune" around for the better.

Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

If there isn't a petition you want to start one?

Dale Courtney said...
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Dale Courtney said...


Did you see the article by Dr. DeVleming in the Daily News on Wednesday?



Tom Forbes said...

Oh yes I did Dale! "Ask Dr. DeVleming" has never had more meaning. It is going to be on www.letsgrowpullman.com